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Instagram has begun to try a fresh feature which alerts users when someone requires a screenshot of among their stories. This feature has been observed in Snapchat for a while and allows the users greater control over their privacy. It's totally possible that we'll be seeing this feature rolled out to all users at some point in the near future.

However if you're in the commercial of taking those sneaky screenshots of stories and you do not want anyone to know, we have a couple of ways for you to get for this new feature to help you continue to take your screenshots in secret.

If you wish to make sure you're getting probably the most out of IG then have a look at our complete guide here.

With a couple third party software to take the screenshot is perhaps the most obvious way. There are some of these for sale in the App Store free of charge, with Story Reposter being the most commonly used.

You're not taking these screenshots using the Instagram app specifically, so that it has no way to share with if you're capturing this content shown in your screen.

IG Story Reposter
Whenever you open the app you are able to search for an individual you'd like to truly save stories from, find the specific story you wish to save and then save a copy of it to your phone.

Open Instagram in a browser to sceenshot without anyone knowing
The easy tricks are generally the most effective and that one might not occur to many people. Open Instagram. If you are you looking for more in regards to how to screenshot on Toshiba laptop take a look at the web-page. com within the browser on your phone or on your desktop and log yourself in.

IG in browser
Then you're able to take as numerous screenshots as you wish and nobody could be the wiser, because you're using the browser as opposed to the app therefore it won't be able to tell.

Work with a Jailbreak feature to save lots of stories
If you're employing a jailbroken device then you need to use Rocket for IG which enables you to see stories anonymously and save stories to your phone with just one button press.

Rocket for IG
Sadly this is only planning to utilize a phone that's been jailbroken previously, so do keep that in mind.
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