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It is much more oxidized and stronger in flavor than green tea and white tea. Actually, the infusion of black tea is red; however, its oxidized leaves are black, hence its name.


Steps of Infusion for Black Tea

 Black tea is a tasteful beverage with potential health benefits. You'll end up with a tea that's too bitter and tour đài loan giá rẻ strong to drink if you're not familiar with the basic techniques. Here are five steps to make a perfect cup of black tea:

1. Preparation

Before making a cup of black tea, you're supposed to get a clean tea set (such as a teapot, faircup, tour đài loan giá rẻ and cups), tea, and a kettle of boiling water prepared.

2. Measuring Out the Tea Into the Cup/Teapot

Measure out the desired amount of black tea leaves (3 to 5 grams for tour đài loan từ hà nội 150 to 250 ml of tea) and put them in the cup or teapot.

3. Boiling Water and Pouring It Into the Cup/Teapot

Boil the water and pour it into the cup. If a teapot is used, you're advised to fill 80% of the teapot with water (to avoid spillage when pouring).

4. Observing the Color and Smelling the Fragrance

Steep the tea leaves for 2 to 3 minutes. Then you're highly advised to observe the red infusion and smell its fruity fragrance.

5. Enjoy It


Chinese Black Tea And Health Benefits

There are many health benefits attributed to drinking Chinese black tea, ranging from feelings of well-being to near magical cures. For the average Westerner, much of this interest is focused on ancient claims related to weight loss and more modern claims of cancer-prevention due to tea's anti-oxidant properties.

For reference purposes only, we list some of the benefits of Chinese Black Tea as commonly recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

1. Reduce fat, protein and low-density "bad"cholesterol

2. Rich in fluoride, promotes dental health

3. Reduce fatigue, stimulating the central nervous system

4. Promotes strong bones

5. Enhance blood vessel elasticity and strength


Chinese Black Tea Varieties

1. Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong leaves are traditionally smoked over pine wood fires. The tea is dark, rich, fruity and of course - smoky.

2. Keemun Hao Ya

Keemun Hao Ya is a high grade of the famous Keemun varietal grown in Qimen, Anhui Province.  The flavours that characterise this tea are well-rounded and mellow, with hints of wine and spice.

3. Dian Hong (Yunnan Black)

One of the most popular and famous black teas in China, but little known outside of the country. Dian Hong has a caramel fragrance aroma and a rich, sweet, robust flavour with a hint of plum.

4. Yunnan Gold Pearls

Produced in the Feng Qing Mountains, Lincang, China. Flavours of plum and caramel are produced when these easy-brewing pearls are infused.

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