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13. Four of Spain’s thirteen national parks are situated within the Canary Islands. Teide National Park on Tenerife houses Spain’s greatest mountain and the world’s third biggest volcano. Teide is Spain’s most-visited National Park.
The game of Lucha Canaria in the Canary Islands involves two wrestlers in a sand band. Picture by Lexthoonen.

The game of Lucha Canaria within the Canary Islands involves two wrestlers in a sand band. Photo by Lexthoonen.

14. The Islands that is canary offer unique activities:

lucha canaria – wrestling with opponents standing in the exact middle of a sand circle known as a "terrero" try to throw each other to the ground. The item is to make one’s opponent touch the sand with any part of their body, except your own feet.
juego del palo – a martial art/folk sport of stick-fighting that involves each participant making use of four to six ft. long stay glued to attack and defend against their opponent.
salto del pastor – called "the shepherd’s jump," this sport works on the long stay glued to vault over an area that is open. This sport developed from Canarian shepherds who utilized of long wooden pole to transport themselves across ravines and down high embankments.

15. There was only 1 Starbucks in all regarding the Canary Islands. It really is situated at the Gran Canaria Airport on the area of Gran Canaria. Since the Starbucks here's positioned inside of airport security, just showing up or departing journey people can visit Starbucks in the Canary Islands. The positioning just holds Starbucks Spain mugs.

Once you go off in your holiday to Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura you might want the information to wow friends and family with.So, from wrestling and astronomy to ocean lions and whistling, we've compiled some interesting details about the Canary Islands to know before going.
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The highest in the industrialized world, Spain also ranks as the OECD nation which saw the greatest increases in inequality between 2007 and 2010 with a contracting economy and an active population jobless rate above 27 percent. While the nation continues to sink into economic downturn and social impoverishment, these record numbers have actually always been surpassed in some of its areas.

Such is the truth of this Canary Islands, the European Union’s outermost territory, in which the present socioeconomic indicators tell a story of imminent chaos: a 38 % poverty level, the best in the country, and an unbridled 34 unemployment that is percent. Certainly, while final May’s more harmless poll that is official registered jobless revealed a sixteen-year national drop, the Canary Islands emerged as the only Spanish region where in actuality the number of people registering for jobless advantages proceeded to go up.

Being an projected 26,000 Canary Islands families have no income whatsoever and 24 percent associated with the population that is local2.1 million) has received some form of the help of the government’s social services programmes into the past 12 months, the most pushing issues associated with the region’s economic downfall is the boost in son or daughter poverty. Based on UNICEF’s 2013 report on the Canaries, son or daughter poverty has already reached 29 per cent. The report not merely underlines the hike that is worrying the number of bad kids (as much as 112,000 were recorded back this year), but in addition they are becoming poorer. These figures are most readily useful illustrated in the islands’ public school dinners, where some 12,000 children were pulled out of this solution over the past 12 months as their moms and dads had been not any longer in a position to pay for it.
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